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2nd Annual Adventure Dash Fun Run Kick-off

The Fun Run will kick-off on Wednesday, September 6th in students' PE and Athletics classes where they'll be introduced to the fundraiser and its rewards. There will be student fundraising challenges leading up to the Fun Run with the opportunity for students to earn rewards. Everyone gets to participate on event day no matter the amount of funds raised, so get those running shoes ready!

REGISTER through the link below and SHARE your child’s personal link with your family and friends.

Fun Run Goals

The goal is for each student to raise $30 a night for 10 days equalling $300. They will receive a challenge each day and what the reward is for that challenge. A meter poster will be placed in the cafeteria and/or Griffin Center to keep track of the progress by grade/house. No individual students are named. The grand total fundraising goal is $40,000 for a scoreboard and electricity for Griffin Field.


  • Signing up with the Adventure Dash link - participation
  • $35,000 - Game day in PE and Athletic classes
  • $30,000 - New concession building for Griffin Field
  • $25,000 - All coaches dress up in Roman costume; new score table and chairs for Griffin Center
  • $20,000 - Volleyball/basketball match between coaches/pe teachers & new bulletin board in Griffin Center
  • Weekend Challenge will be to raise $75 to participate in the foam


  • Top 5 individuals get Chick Fil A lunch with Mr. Boling
  • $25 snack sale credit for top 3 individuals in each grade/house

House/Grade goals/rewards

  • $2500 - Ice cream party/delivery during lunch
  • $3500 - Popcorn party/delivery during lunch/homeroom
  • $5000 - Griffin water bottles for entire house/grade
  • Top house/grade gets the spirit stick/plaque (5th grade won 2022)
  • 5th win, pizza party for the whole grade at Christmas party

Fun Run Schedule

Event new date will be announced soon.

Here is what you can expect the day of the run -- Kids will wear spirit wear or PE shirt and athletic shorts during the Fun Run. Every student will be able to run the course and participate in the games. Each grade will participate in the run for 45 min with 15 min to clean up and go back to class. There will be popsicles and water provided after the run. 

*Thursday, September 14th 

  • 6th grade/PE 7:55-8:55
  • 5th grade/PE 9:45-10:45
  • 10th and 11th grade/Leisure 11:05-12:05 

*Friday, September 15th 

  • 9th grade PE 7:55-9:20
  • 7th grade PE 9:55-11:20
  • 12th grade/Leisure 11:25-12:15 
  • 8th grade PE 1:55-3:20


There is also an opportunity to volunteer at this fun event!

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